Why Balloons are Wonderful

Balloons are the age old party in the room. Nothing brings a smile and happy memories more thean these delightful, colorful bubbles of joy. There is a reason advertising ads and signs include balloons as a subliminal visual aid. No matter how they are used, they are always assocaited with a celebration, party, or festive occation. Balloons bring a smile to all people of all ages, making them a powerful tool for merchandisers, planners, and promotions to help sell their wares. Balloons will always bring a great assocation to your company and your products. This is why many large and successful companies use them, they know a winner.


Did you know

Balloons were first used to advertise in the 1920's

The first rubber balloons were made in 1824 for use in experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London